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AC3 Life

More than just a job.
AC3 life is more than "just a job". We think this is super important, so we never lose sight of who we are, no matter if we are smashing goals or working through tough times.

Feedback from new starters, current AC3ers and even ex-AC3ers consistently shows our culture and people connect is the most valued aspect of working at AC3. We call this the AC3 Way.

Elements of the AC3 Way are:

Our Vision: To relentlessly build a technology services company that problem solvers want to be a part of.

Our People Goal: Be the place where everyone wants to work.

What being an AC3er is all about!

The AC3 Way

The AC3 Way is a combination of our Vision and Purpose, Ways of Being and Ways of Thinking.

Our ways of being

We OWN it
If I say I'm going to do it, I do it. And I give it my all.
I take the status quo and make it better.
I listen, say what needs to be said, and do the right thing. Especially when it's tough.
I take my work seriously, but don't take myself too seriously.

Our ways of thinking

Work with purpose. Add value with every interactions, if a job needs to get done get it done, put yourself in the customer's shoes, and 'find a fix'; get to the core of the issue and solve it efficiently.
Rise with the tide. Build each other up, develop relationships over transactions, give people a chance and be there to support them. It's ok to be a superstar but it's the team's success that matters.
Spend and solve with care. Find solutions that are 'just in time' and 'fit for purpose'. Consider new, lateral alternatives, understand the full impact and return of decisions, and spend money like it's your own (ours and our customer's).

We're proud of our employee benefits

Staff discounts and purchases
Take advantage of our generous staff purchase program, including discounts on various retailers, salary sacrifice and discounts from our customers.
Salary packaging
Purchase awesome goods, pre-tax including laptops, phones and more!
Career development
Gain real development opportunities as well access to self-paced online technical training.
We understand finding the balance between work and home life can be difficult and we encourage all AC3ers to find the way that works for them.​
Purchase leave
Sometimes four weeks annual leave isn’t enough! At AC3 you are able to purchase up to four additional weeks of paid leave.​
Me Days
Designated half working days (paid to you as a full day) throughout the year to relax, unwind and do something for you!​
Fully-equipped office
Our office spaces are filled with great facilities including instant sparkling water taps, fresh fruit, pool tables, gaming consoles and more! All you need to #Enjoy It!​

Ready to join the team?

How we hire

At AC3, we aim to create great experiences with our candidates and potential employees. From filling out application forms to interview feedback, we would like to give our employment candidates a great first impression and a positive experience, whether or not they take the job!

Culture & Benefits

You spend more time at work than almost anywhere else, so its important that we enjoy it! We believe in combining satisfying work with an amazing culture, so we spend as much time developing our culture as we do in cultivating partnerships with our customers. We have a wide range of interest groups on all types of topics to engage other like-minded AC3ers! Some of these groups include topics on:

And more

Culture & Benefits


The AC3 office is a family friendly environment in which team members can enjoy celebrations and other events together. Our Culture Committee, Inclusion, Diversity & Equality Ambassadors. We hold various events across all our offices to bring people together over drinks, nibbles and games. Sometimes there is a theme to the celebration or meal or sometimes it is a delicious lunch that aims to support the community or a chosen charity.

AC3 Life


We understand that our people are also our business, our brand, and the reason we can live our purpose: to make technology real. Without our people, we are nothing. We want our people to feel valued and to love being at work every day in an environment that is welcoming, fun, collaborative and positive. ​

At AC3, we value inclusion and diversity and promote a culture that engages and celebrates everyone. In fact, our Inclusion & Diversity program includes a team of IDEAmbassadors to make the aspiration real and to educate on Inclusion, Diversity and Equality. We do our part to raise awareness to help build and strengthen our inclusive culture and increase everyone’s sense of belonging. ​

We also have adopted a policy that provides our employees with opportunities to display their personal pronouns in a variety of settings, including email signatures, intranet bios, professional profiles, etc. ​

With our IDEAmbassadors, we aim to continuously challenge barriers of bias and increase fairness and equality. This makes us one of the Best Places to Work in Australia/New Zealand. ​

Acknowledgement of Country: AC3 acknowledges the deep connections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to Country. We pay our respects to the Traditional Owners of the land on which our Office Spaces are located on.​


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