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Security Operations Centre

Help to defend against advanced threats to secure your business.
As the world of hybrid cloud grows, cyber threats are evolving faster than ever.

Add in cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications, and the cyber security skills you need to have at the ready are complex and difficult to find. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC-as-a-service) delivers advanced, next-generation managed threat detection and incident response services to secure your organisation from emerging cyber threats ensuring regulatory compliance.

How we help you

Security Information Event Management
With the millions of keystrokes happening across your network at any given moment, how can you possibly identify that single keystroke that spells a security threat? Security Information Event Management (SIEM), delivered as a cloud service by a trusted partner is how. With a dedicated team of security experts and having access to world-class technology, you can trust that security events across your entire environment are recorded, monitored and analysed to uncover threats.
Vulnerability Management
Risk exposure in modern networks is increasing at a quicker rate than most can cope with. To counter these risks, a vulnerability management solution that is quickly deployed and provides rapid time-to-value is required. AC3’s service is cloud agnostic and monitors the full range of components typically found in your environment, from infrastructure to applications. AC3 can help you deliver an improved security posture via continuous assessment of vulnerabilities
Endpoint Detection and Response
Your endpoints are often the most vulnerable link in your security chain, especially as your business takes advantage of the flexibility of the cloud and your workforce becomes more dispersed. As threat actors get more sophisticated, your protection needs to follow. We help you continuously monitor your endpoints to detect and respond rapidly to malicious behaviour, with automation and analysis of endpoint data to stop attacks before they reach critical systems.
Threat Intel & Hunting
Information is power and understanding the threat landscape will help you be better prepared to protect yourself from threat actors. The next step is to actively search for threats inside your environment to reduce the time it takes to detect those threats, and ultimately prevent damage to your business. By partnering with AC3, the leading MSP to the NSW State Government, you can get access to our unparalleled knowledge of local and global threat intelligence.
Automated Incident Response
When a threat actor breaches an organisation’s network, they can be undetected for days or even weeks, with uninterrupted access to company data. We can enable you to respond to incidents in real-time and triage alarms more effectively. With automated incident response, as soon as any ransomware is detected in your network, your system will be capable of automatically isolating the infected virtual machines, giving you the ultimate in security.

Key features

Application Security
Covering software vulnerability's in web and mobile applications and application programming interfaces (APIs).
Cloud security
Focusing on building and hosting secure applications in cloud environments and securely consuming third-party cloud applications.
Infrastructure security
Dealing with the protection of internal and extranet networks, labs, data centres, servers, desktops, and mobile devices.
Incident response
Monitoring and investigate potentially malicious behaviour.
Vulnerability management
Process of scanning an environment for weak points and prioritising remediation based on risk.
Centralised security visibility
Eliminate security blind spots by combining and connecting events from all your devices and servers.
Respond to threats faster
Make informed decisions with data about attacks and recommendations on response.
Comprehensive security monitoring
24x7 security monitoring, detection and response capabilities.

Who is this for?

Organisations who consider data security their top priority.
Organisations that don’t have core capability in security services or don’t have the desire to build it.
Organisations that need mission-critical services where customers require to be ‘always available’.

Why choose AC3

1. We’re here when you need us
Our security team have deep expertise and take the time to understand your business and environment to provide you with 24/7, always on security monitoring and protection.
2. Trusted partner
When you work with us, you’ll be in good company. Trusted by more than 50% of NSW government agencies – including the NSW Department of Justice and the NSW Treasury – you can sleep soundly knowing your data is secure.
3. Proven results
When you put your data in the cloud, it’s only normal to worry about security. And in today’s security environment, our headline is that our clients don’t make them. When you work with us, you’ll be in good company.

Ready to take the next step?

With our team of security experts, you can rest easy knowing your environment is under constant watch and protection from new cyber threats. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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