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Managed Security Services

Helping you rapidly scale security and compliance operations.
Build security into your infrastructure to turn points of vulnerability into points of security control.

We can help you more effectively detect and respond to threats and expand visibility and controls to harden your infrastructure and keep emerging threats at bay. Our experts will help secure your business against threats, accelerate responses and see across your cloud environment, which will allow you to focus on growing your business.

How we help

Let us help manage your security requirements
Penetration Testing
Next Generation Antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Modern attacks such as ransomware and advanced phishing are becoming more widespread. These types of attacks require next generation antivirus and firewall solutions, which can identify more threats and help you close more security gaps than traditional technologies. AC3’s solutions are purpose-built to use cloud-based analytics to enable a more dynamic and proactive approach to security.
Perimeter protection
Keeping your network safe while managing your increasingly remote workforce is a critical element of your security posture. In today’s hybrid cloud world, protecting your businesses from security breaches is getting more complex. AC3’s managed perimeter protection services employ the best technologies and processes to ensure you can rest easy that your data, employees and reputation are safe.
Email & Web security
Your employees spend most of their time online, so protecting them against malicious threats via email and websites has never been more important. We know that the weakest link in your security chain is often the endpoint, so investing in best of breed email and web security platforms will keep both your employees and your reputation safe, no matter where your people are working from. AC3’s best in class services can help.
Security Operations centre
Penetration testing
Understanding if you have any weaknesses in your security posture is important to focus your investments and keep your business protected. A simulated cyber attack by ethical security experts will identify any areas for improvement and could save you from experiencing a breach in future. Your organisation may be trying to meet compliance requirements or just want to have the peace of mind that your organise is safe.

Key features

Certified team
Our team of 350+ are certified experts across all of our disciplines and our technology vendors.
International standards
Backed by information security and quality certifications (ISO27001 & ISO9001) you can rest reassured that you’re getting the best.
Government grade
We’re trusted by more than 50% of the NSW State Government, so you know we have you covered.
Stringent SLAs
If we say we’re going to do it, we do it. We stick to our SLAs so you also have the service you expect from your cloud.
Best of breed technology
We partner with the best to deliver the best in cutting edge tech that aligns with your needs.
24/7 support
Threat actors don’t sleep and neither to do we! Rest assured that our team of experts are here to help you when you need it.
Access to insights
Our team live and breathe security for our public sector and private sector customers. Access our insights on latest security threats.
It’s a journey
Security isn’t a destination, rather a continued investment in the health of your business. We can help you navigate the journey.

Who is it for?

Companies who want to leverage next-generation cyber security practices.
Government agencies who need their data protected.
Organisations who want to ensure best practice security compliance.

Why choose AC3

1. History
We are the largest MSP in the NSW Government Data Centres and actually created the private network that the NSW government uses for its most secure communications.
2. Certified
We are one of the only Australian privately owned cloud provider certified in governance and compliance across next-generation multi-cloud infrastructure and applications.
3. Trusted partner
When you work with us, you’ll be in good company. Trusted by more than 50% of NSW government agencies – including the NSW Department of Justice and the NSW Treasury – you can sleep soundly knowing your data is secure.

Ready to take the next step?

With our track record in secure multi-cloud solutions, you’ll have security that protects your reputation. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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