"Australian Health Service Alliance is a not-for-profit, member-owned organisation. We cater for managing, negotiating contracts with hospitals and medical providers. We represent twenty three private health insurers, which equates to twenty percent of the whole Australian market.

"The challenge we were facing was our equipment was end of life. It had been in place for some twelve years, so it was time to have a refresh. We also had a situation where our actual office was being closed. We also had to manage the work from home, which was coming a lot more apparent.

"The solution that was proposed was a cloud solution. Taking what was currently on-premises and transitioning it to Microsoft Azure. It's not a simple process of just moving things. There's a lot of moving parts that we went through.

"Key parts with us with AC3 have been the testing methodology, the design and planning and the execution. For us, our end users when we did the migration, they didn't notice the change at all. It went smoothly. It was a wonderful experience from our point of view.

"We have an environment that is stable, 24/7, we have backup, disaster recovery in place. We have a consistent methodology in regards to patching.

"The changes for us, it's like night and day, the difference it's been and being able to increase demand on virtual environments has been a game changer for us. We learnt that having a strong partner, that had the skills set to be able to deliver the solution was very important.

"We've also learnt the importance of communication and regular meetings and having key milestones in place for our transition. Having the confidence with them to actually help push that through made all the difference. With AC3, we're able to deliver the cloud solution on time, on budget, prior to Christmas, it's a great success."