They’re our furry friends who deserve nothing but the best, and for pet insurance provider PetSure, its customers also deserve the best when it comes to data and technology security. This meant that AC3 was a no-brainer for Chief Information Officer (CIO) Brett Jarvis when choosing a managed security service provider.

The partnership between PetSure and AC3 became so much more than the granular work that could be done, and instead about the mindset behind both organisations: customer is key. With a matching ethos covered, there were two other prominent drivers that meant PetSure chose to align with AC3. When looking for a secure solution, AC3 was one of the only providers at the size of business that it is, that would have the breadth of offering that was required for what PetSure needed.

The other deciding factor was the testimonials on AC3. Visibility around the success of other business partnerships with AC3 meant that PetSure could understand the scale and ability of AC3 and the experience that other customers had.

PetSure was seeking a cyber security partner that would be able to confidently scale up as the insurance provider grew, and would need the cyber security to support an expanding customer base. This was a key selection criteria that gave AC3 the advantage to work with PetSure.

Customised Solutions

There are many associated risks when it comes to expanding a business in a short timeframe, and this is what PetSure was facing. The business was scaling up their customers and staff and needed to be able to guarantee that all customers could be confident that their sensitive data was protected.

AC3 provided a Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) solution for PetSure. This mean that they are able to identify security anomalies through a collection of logs, then the team is alerted to anything suspicious, and are able to investigate and subsequently give real time security solutions. These preventative measures created another wall between any potential breaches.

Layers of Security

The agreement between PetSure and AC3 moved all assets into a central monitoring system. This allowed AC3 to triage, manage and investigate any incidents that may have arisen. AC3 also focused in on data hygiene. Cleaning up the duplicate records, and identifying incomplete or outdated data meant a fresh start and a more streamlined view of the assets, making it easier to keep secure.

The improvement of data hygiene then addressed potential blindspots not known previously. AC3 worked with PetSure to identify these largely unknown security risks, and close these gaps.


When talking to Brett Jarvis, it became evident that the relationship between PetSure and AC3 saw a dramatic reduction in security breaches.

“It’s a joy to be able to report to our board on a regular basis that the volume of security incidents have reduced to zero, and our ability to respond to security risk events has gotten up to five times what it had been before partnering with AC3,” says Jarvis.

But the success of the relationship between PetSure and AC3 isn’t limited to just the decrease of breaches. The working relationship was also a triumph.

“One of the key things that we enjoy at PetSure is the strong and direct communication between us and AC3,” Jarvis comments about the partnership.

“Our teams have been empowered with the ability to work collaboratively and our partnership with AC3 has gone from strength to strength, year on year, and we look forward to partnering with AC3 well into our future.”