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Application modernisation

Bring your legacy applications into the future to maximise productivity and experience.
Are your applications keeping up with the pace of your business? Legacy applications are often monolithic, making them challenging to change or improve, difficult to scale.

If your application portfolio still consists of legacy apps, you will find they are costly to run, often on unsupported platforms, while accumulating technical debt and dark data in your business. Modernising your applications will increase operational efficiency and accelerate you cloud transformation.

Our approach to application modernisation

Technical and business assessment to understand current pain points, integration points and your success factors.
Build an execution pathway based on our framework to calculate complexity, risks, security and impact for each app.
Our execution framework is tightly governed for success, from designing the target state for your apps through to operational use.

How we can help modernise your applications

Application transformation
Application transformation enables outdated applications to stay relevant and aligned with modern technologies. We can help transform your “legacy applications” and improve them, so you can maintain your competitive edge, accelerate innovation, and remain flexible as systems change.
Application migration
Organisations migrate applications to the cloud to take advantage of an improved cost structure, scalability, and the ability to quickly update applications and software to meet changing demands. We can make this process easy for you. We have experts within our team who can provide support by migrating apps from any cloud environment.

Key Features

Outcomes every time
We believe in working towards your business outcome and we won’t close a project off until we meet it.
Best practice architecture
Reduce risks by leveraging the latest in best practice to improve resiliency and cost effectiveness.
Agile culture
Shift to a more modern way of working so you can increase your productivity by aligning your priorities with customer feedback.
Transformation made real
We deliver an outcome, so you’ll see tangible change in your business, not just a 600 page report!
Speed up changes
Enjoy the ability to easily change one element of your cloud application or service at any time, safely.
Actionable insights
Better understand what your customers think, want and need, with the ability to organise and analyse your data.
Deliver early and often
Improve your customer experience by decreasing the time it takes you to roll out new products and features.
Turn data into dollars
Invest in your data wealth, enable sharing and discovery to democratise access to data.

Who is it for?

Organisations that have a set of disconnected applications that requires high effort to maintain, operate and monitor.
Organisations running off the shelf software platforms that are approaching end of life or are unsupported.
IT teams with tightly-coupled systems which make any simple change difficult to implement or causes too many side-effects.​

Why choose AC3?

1. Track record
Our proven Agile delivery framework and governance model help you move quickly and securely.
2. We deliver cutting edge
We were the first company to build a serverless event-driven data lake solution in the NSW state government.
3. Trusted partner
We’re the consultants other consultants come to for advice. That's right, we work with other big names in the industry!

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